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Hello, as promised, here's my report of my first meeting yesterday afternoon, but before reading pornohub this, you need to look at my add 556 533 to me, do? Now you know what I like, all that experienced people this may seem trivial, but it was the most daring and sexy, I've done, I had a massive response that is not a full member i could'nt answer to most, but I was quite sure what I wanted someone to have to share with my games and have a good time, why I do JB? so, said most of what they like about me, very flatering, but that's not what I wanted, said J and others, would love to go shopping with me and at my age, why not 28 years of age? He sent me a new picture, so what to expect and turned toward the point 12 of 30 watch from the shore in front of Santa Maria, I got my new pants, bra balocony, my favorite loose vest and short zip up top, I was very nervous and very cold, we chatted a while, then J said, then come here to buy You see, the first stSmith was again op, I lost my zipper and I went to the corner of the store and asked J whatch, a man was there to cards, look, I borrowed for a short time after J, said the man was in right in my search pornohub for the top, we were next to a large bookstore, so we went up, there was a guy sitting and reading, i J, are close to him and see, said I did it my way, bent view books after i J, any good question, he said he could see my nipples, and he was the boy sat, it was pornohub the same in a shoe store, HMV and others, but I was very cold, J went to coffee shop win big with a coffee bar ? sip our coffee J asked me if I was not wearing underwear, of course, we will not see, then, the laboratories, pornohub he said, at first I zipped up my top and put his hands in his pockets, then I could throw to my pornohub runners, I was sewing in my lab and went to J and asked if he could see his awesome, I can see two beautiful vaults, he said, can beWalk through the men are seeking then used for both the employee was, then we are on our way along Cornmarket, J said I always had a lot of viewers, i J, I thought so far, has been asked he said it was the biggest thing I had ever seen, told me then stood up and was cold, J asked if I was going to pornohub his car with him at various floors, but with my riders still ok then was pornohub stopped parked on the third floor to the corner in the J came in, and I was standing next to him, if he could use some pictures on his cell phone to remind you, they asked, I said fine, but do not take the face, came the phone, they tend to then, well, you click, make a backup runners, and I will take a photo of your bag, ok, click, I said I 'm freezing, then enter , and I'm like a lamb for a while we sat and warmed, then He said, raise your top-up so you can see nipples i again, okay, click, take your bra now, uh, I I was not sure if I wanted to go so far, see J said : ok, very nice, he said, he can play well for the next two orf minutes played with them, very gently, then began to press on my nipples, which were still a rock hard, so cold all afternoon and began to hurt, took some photos and then said, now I want to see now , right? the laboratory, I think the only person who can see between the legs ( besides my husband) in the last 25 years, my family doctor, and when I gave birth to my children, pleaded J, then great, but that do not penetrate me, God knows why, but I asked to look the other way, I did it and ran down and got a leg, are you okay pornohub pornohub I see now, J went to open then nervously I, 'Wow now I can see what all the fuss, it did for ages click OK, the left is bigger than my lab right lip, J and asked if he could touch, ok, but not penetration, he pornohub thought betwwen thumb and forefinger and gently began to play with it, it went well, after a minute or so, has an image while shooting, incredibly, he said,. following clitoris then put her fingers to her and began massaging gently, I felt an orgasm coming, I do not, for fear of losing control, I, J said, no, in a way that the more we know, had the I know, but I am told, is not enjoying it, ducked just in time! He put his fingers on the top of my vagina and pushed the skin totally suspend my clit little, and then click, then put two fingers on top and did the same, a little, the next thing in my clitoris, click, click and wounding another, while always told me, ok, one more of his laboratory, then fine, open, as you can, i my right leg against the back and left against the grain was pretty, he said, clicking, that is, I could not do much more to do, my clitoris was sore over my vagina was tender, I was dripping all over my nipples and poor! I put my running again and saw the photos, I was shooting with my chest, which he held his lip was so happy, I nevCame so far could put my vagina without hurting ! but the last thing I could not believe he was so open, it seemed that she had given birth ! J said I was a long separations could see me, made ​​me, talked for a while and asked if I could do it again, I said goodbye and we would let him know I was! on the bus back to the park u0026 trip I looked, I never wanted to have full sex, it's just something fun that I fell guitly ? No, I do like ? much, I felt vulnerable? J was pretty decent, must have been the age difference, I would do it again ? ah, yes, but if the weather is better, so that was my first meet, I'd like to read your coments, you can do this in my 556 533 add you fancy a day shopping with me ? I hope you enjoy pornohub this as much as I xmarianx
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